It's the Holiday Season!

Here's what you can expect to see on SeeLoveShare!


Time flies! It has been a few months since our last update so there are many fun things to fill you in on! 


First things first…


Did you know that SeeLoveShare Patterns are now 100% Free?

We made the switch as soon as Covid locked us in our homes and we've seen a number of your completed SeeLoveShare projects.

Keep the photos coming, we repost every single one!


What else is new… 


The holiday season is in full swing! I have moved out of San Francisco and into a new home outside of the city so we have loads of NEW themed home decor projects coming your way. This is also the first time I've had an actual front door in years so I'm currently wreath obsessed. Check some of these out below. 


Getting Creative for Halloween… 


Who's with me? We still have time to get some fun patterns together and we've been loading you up with everything we can get our hands on. And, best part,  you have started sharing your homemade costumes with us… for your kiddos and for your fur babies and we are loving every minute of it! Keep them coming!



Summer means BBQ season. We're going to cook out as much as possible to keep the heat out of the kitchen. Have any Grilling questions or requests? Email us! 

Ashleigh's 2 cents…

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