How To Check Your Gauge

(a Knit and Crochet guide!)

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We ALL hate doing it but it’s the easiest (and most common) way to mess up you #WIP. I worked this up for #knitters and #crocheters so no excuses to get it right! Now come on – Check your gauge! So here is how we do it:

1. Create a #foundation row that is slightly longer than the 4in needed to measure. .

2. Work up a #swatch slightly longer than 4in.

3. Place a ruler, measuring tape, or this handy #swatch #ruler over the work. Make sure the swatch is laying flat and straight beneath it.

4. Count your stitches and rows.

5. Compare to #pattern or #yarn gauge measurements and adjust as needed. Best case, it’s right on and no adjustment needed. Worst case, you need to +/- your #needle or #hook size to get it right. Either way you will #ThankYourself to taking the time to get it right!!