about SeeLoveShare

SeeLoveShare started in the fall of 2017 by me, Ashleigh. It began as a place to post patterns and share ideas of whatever was going on at the time.

 It ranged from health and fitness to foodie finds. The crafty space is what I really enjoyed so as the years went by more and more time was spent focused on yarn arts. Today, all of the patterns are ideas that come from discussions with my #1 fan… my mom. We will spend days sending each other pictures of things that caught our eye and then talk about how we might be able to bring it to life in knit or crochet.   

about Ashleigh

I’m Ashleigh and, aside from my mom, I’m the person behind most of these posts.

SeeLoveShare is a passion of mine and a lovely distraction from the world around me. By day, I am a Finance Executive consulting for some of the up-and-coming start-ups in California. I spend most of my time thinking about or finding out to help small companies raise funds they need to build their empires. It’s fun, it’s engaging, and it can be fairly exhausting. In 2017 I was burnt out. I took some time to regroup and it was then that I discovered I was missing my own passion project – and that is how SeeLoveShare was born. 


This past year has given us some serious home time. I put all of my extra energy into finding ways to keep all of our hands (and minds) busy. I heard from a lot of you, offering thanks, suggestions and excitement for what’s to come. It has lit a fire under me to take everything to the next level. This rebranding is step one but the community we have built together is what will really make it shine!

how to support us

Many people ask how they can help support SeeLoveShare so we can continue to design and publish fun and relevant content. This is the easy part! There are a number of ways you can help show us some love without opening up your wallet. Please share pictures of your work with me! Like, share and tag anything that catches your eye.

Click on my affiliate links and use my unique discount codes. As our community grows, the traffic to the site itself will become a source of revenue (don’t worry, I’ll keep ads to a minimum). These are all costless ways for you to help support us. If you really feel like purchasing something, you can always head to Etsy and to buy our ad-free, downloadable patterns.

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