Cutie Cable Pumpkin

Whether you already enjoy knitting cables or trying it out for the first time, this is the right pattern for you. The project is small enough to get the hang of it and produces a really adorable decoration for your fall table settings or home décor.

Pattern Notes:

This pumpkin is knit in the round starting from the stem down. The stem uses a basic Icord technique which we will walk you through step-by-step if you’ve not done it before – don’t worry, it’s a breeze! You can add length to the stem to make it longer for a dramatic effect, curling it around your fingers as it grows.


Finished pumpkin is approximately 8 inches tall and 7 inches wide with a 19-inch circumference



17 stitches, 23 rows to 10cm/4″


kfb = knit in front and back of stitchssk = slip, slip, knit (slip one stitch knit-wise, then slip secondm1R =  lift the bar between stitches from back to front with left needle, then knit into the front of the stitch.m1L =  lift the bar between stitches from front to back with left needle, then knit through back of stitch.c5F = put next 5 stitches on cable needle and hold to front. Knit next 5 stitches, then knit 5 stitches from cable needle.c5B = put next 5 stitches on cable needle and hold to back. Knit next 5 stitches, then knit 5 stitches from cable needle.

Step-by-step Icord instructions:

1. Cast on your stitches.

2. Hold needle with stitches in your right hand.

3. Slip each stitch onto the left needle.

4. Bring the yarn behind the work over to the right-hand side.

5. Insert the right needle into the next stitch from left to right and knit normally.

6. Pull firmly on this stitch to tighten up.

7. Repeat to remaining stitches.

8. Transfer stitches as before and repeat the knit process.

9. When the cord is the length needed, cast off.



Cast on 5 stitches with green.

Knit an icord (instructions above) around it for 4 inches. 

(kfb, k1) twice, kfb (8sts)knit 3 rows in icord(kfb, k1) four times (12 sts)knit 3 rows (12 sts)kfb, k1, (kfb in next 2 stitches, k1) three times, kfbknit two rows (20 sts)

Stuff enlarged end of stem lightly and join pumpkin colored yarn


Purl one row

(k3, p1) five times for two rows(m1R, k3, m1L, p1) five times (30 stitches)(k5,p1) five times(m1R, k5, m1L, p1) five times (40 stitches)(k7, p1) five times(m1R, k7, m1L, p1) five times (50 stitches)(k9, p1) five times(m1R, k9, m1L, p1) five times (60 stitches)(k11, p1) five times(m1R, k11, m1L, p1) five times (70 stitches)(k13, p1) five times(m1R, k13, m1L, p1) five times (80 stitches)(k15, p1) five times

Cabled sides of pumpkin:

(c5F, k5, p1) five times(k15, p1) five times – repeat row four more times

(k5, c5B, p1) five times

(k15, p1) five times – repeat row nine more times

(c5F, k5, p1) five times(k15, p1) five times – repeat row five more times

Decrease for base of pumpkin:

(ssk, k11, k2tog, p1) five times (70 stitches)(ssk, k9, k2tog, p1) five times (60 stitches)(ssk, k7, k2tog, p1) five times (50 stitches)(ssk, k5, k2tog, p1) five times (40 stitches)(ssk, k3, k2tog, p1) five times (30 stitches)(ssk, k1, k2tog, p1) five times (20 stitches)

stuff pumpkin

(ssk, k2tog, p1) five times (10 stitches)break yarn and thread end through last 10 stitches with a tapestry needle. Fasten off and weave in ends.