Last Minute Holiday Gift Guide

We are in the home stretch for Holiday Gift Giving! Who is on your nice list? We have collected a bunch of ideas for any Crocheters or Knitters you’re on the hunt for!

Blocking Made Easy:

Yes you can do this on the couch cushions… but why? 🙂

Blocking Mats:

Blocking pins for Stocking Stuffers?

And dont forget the gentle wash

Need a reminder on how to Block? Right this way…

Accessory Essentials:

WIP Tote. Yes, add to cart…

Clover Swatch Ruler & Needle Gauge. Yes, we hate doing this but it’s a must.

Creative Storage

Open Face Storage bins. My newest favourite organization investment! This is also my #1 requested referral!

And a fun version that I love to see hanging on my wall..