Friends tell friends about wonderful people in this community. A couple of weeks ago someone reached out on Instagram to tell me about a crochet artist that uses her craft for good. Let me introduce you to Kelly @mspagerix!

Everything she creates is donated to her community and has been doing so for the past 20 years. Her community comes first and creating for them is her priority. Kelly doesn’t have a website and, after some encouragement, she finally created a public Instagram account. She posts C2C graphs for everything she creates so you can create them yourselves. And… she also provides instructional help in case you get stuck!

Here are some of her creations and the accompanying C2C Graphghans Graphs. Be sure to check them all out at her instagram account right here! Thank you for everything you do, Kelly! We appreciate you!

“I just share everything I do freely with fellow crocheters on here – people needed some love this year especially and crochet is therapy for so many” – Kelly.

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