How to Make a Pom Pom

It’s #hat / #beanie/#toque season so….Do you #Pom?? Now you can… check out these #stepbystep #instructions using a #pommaker! Ps stay tuned for a free #knit #beaniepattern shown in these pics! .

1. Hold 2 wooden arcs back to back. Wrap around two parts of the arc to build up layers. The more you wrap the fuller your #pompom will be.

2. Repeat with the other two parts.

3. Put the cover on each side, holding both parts of the Pom Maker together .

4. Hold firmly from both sides, squeezing together. Insert the #scissors under the yarn and cut all the way around the circle.

5. Keep the covers on and run yarn around the circle between the wooden parts. Pull as tightly as you can and tie.

6. Remove the parts and fluff up the Pom. Trim as needed! #enjoy!