This is our fourth part in our St Patrick’s Day project! All we need to do is add our Pot of Gold to our rainbow and done! Grab some black and gold yarn and lets get going!

Pattern Notes:

Gold coins are worked in rounds.

The coin pot is worked from the bottom up.


Gold coins: approx 1.5in wide

Pot 6in tall, 8in wide


  • RedHeart Super Saver in Black and Gold
  • 6.0mm crochet hook
  • Tapestry Needle


Crochet: 12sc and 15 rows = 4in 


Ch: Chain

SC: Single Crochet

DC: Double Crochet

HDC: Half Double Crochet

TR: Treble Crochet

Sk: Skip

SLST: Slip stitch

Beg: Beginning

SC2Tog: Single crochet two stitches together


Gold Coins: make 9

With Gold Yarn: ch 2, sc 6 into second ch from hook

Round 1: Inc in each sc (12 stitches). Bind off leaving a long tail to sew to rainbow.


Row 1: With black, ch12, sc in 2nd ch from hook and each remaining ch. (11 sc)

Row 2-10: 2 sc in first st, sc to last st, 2 sc (increase 2 st in every row). Increase until there are 27 sc. 

Row 11-19: Work 8 rows even: sc in every st to end. (27 sc)

Row 20 – 22 : sc3tog, sc to last 3 sts, sc3tog.

There should be 15 sts. 

Row 23-24: 3 sc in first st, sc to last st, 3 sc in last st (increased 4 sts. End with 23 sts. Do not bind off, continue to edging.

Edging: sc around the edge of the pot, down the left side, across the bottom and up the right side, Join with a slst to the first st at the top of the pot (do not edge the top of the pot).

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