Baby Gifters Rejoice!

The “Bubble Stitch” is a charming and textured knit stitch that can be used to create a beautiful and cozy baby blanket. This stitch pattern forms a series of raised, bubble-like clusters that add both visual interest and a soft, tactile feel to the blanket. 

Creating a baby blanket with the Bubble Stitch is a wonderful way to showcase your knitting skills while crafting a delightful and functional item for a little one.

Pattern Notes:

The main version of this pattern is worked up by holding two strands of yarn together to increase the gauge. I worked this pattern up for my baby girl and expanded the to toddler size so we could both snuggle under it during late night feeds. A list of Standard Blanket sizes are detailed below. The pattern is easily adjusted for sizing and any yarn (even as single strand) can be used so long as you check your gauge! Try a color phasing yarn to add another (effortless) dimension to the work. 

Skill Level:

Intermediate: For knitters with some experience. More intricate stitches, shaping & finishing.


The pattern is written for a 42 x 52in blanket but can easily be modified in multiples of 4+1.


  • #5 Bulky Yarn, 4x (227G/8OZ)
    • As photographed, 4x CARON COLORAMA HALO YARN (227G/8OZ), BLUE RASPBERRY
  • 10.0 mm (U.S. 15) circular knitting needle with 29in cord
  • Tapestry needle


  • 4″ x 4″ (10 cm x 10 cm) 10 sts and 20 rows with a 10.0 mm (U.S. 15) knitting needle


Special Stitch: Knit 6 below: with yarn in back, drop the next st down 6 rows, knit all 7 rows above by placing the right needle in the st 7 rows below. See SPOTLIGHT STITCH linked here: 


Holding two strands together, cast on 101 sts.

Row 1-6 (Bottom border): Sl 1 st (edge st), K to end.

Row 7:  Sl 1 st (edge st), K to end.

Row 8: Sl 1 st (edge st), k5, p to last 6 sts, k6

Row 9: as row 7

Row 10: as row 8

Row 11: as row 7

Row 12: as row 8

Row 13: Sl 1 st (edge st), k5, *k 6 below, k3* repeat within ** to last 7 sts, k 6 below, k6

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Row 14: Sl 1 st (edge st), k5, p to last 6 sts, k6

Row 15: Sl 1 st (edge st), K to end.

Row 16: as row 14

Row 17: as row 15

Row 18: as row 14

Row 19: Sl 1 st (edge st), k5, k2, k 6 below, *k3, k 6 below* repeat within ** to last 8 sts, k8

Repeat rows 8-19 until you’ve reached your desired length short of the border. 

Work next 6 rows to complete top border: Sl 1 st (edge st), K to end. Bind off and weave in ends.

Additional Notes: 

Change up the colour of yarn to change up the style- 

Try color block: simply change the yarn color after desired length of color block.

Or try a variegated yarn: no adjustments needed to pattern –