Texture texture texture! This is a simple stitch if you’re looking to add a particular feel to your work. I was playing around with this when I was looking to make a baby blanket, the little “berries” create an interesting feel to the work that would surely grab the attention of a little kiddo.

Check out how we work it up!


Ch: Chain

Sc: Single Crochet

Tr: Triple Crochet

St: Stitch


Chain multiple: 2

Row 1 (right side): Sc in 2nd ch from hook and in each ch across, ch 1, turn

Row 2: Sc in first sc, *tr in next sc, sc in next sc* repeat within * to end, ch 1, turn

Row 3: Sc in each st to end, ch 1, turn

Repeat Rows 2-3 for pattern!


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