Here is a slightly different spin on a holiday classic – the Advent Calendar! This particular project is all about the place setting. 24 individual pockets are worked up and attached to a central line. Work it up as a Christmas Tree as we did or string them along a staircase or mantle as a garland. The options are endless. Check it out and let us know what you think!

Pattern Notes:

This pattern uses the intarsia method of including the white numbers to the pouches. That can take a bit of practise, but it is worth the effort. 

Reading the Number Graph: The number graph will show you when to swap colours to create the desired pattern. It is important to note that you start at the bottom of the number and work your way up to the top.


Each pocket is approx. 4in wide x 6.5in tall


  • RedHeart With Love (1 ball of each) in:
    • White
    • Boysenberry (Purple)
    • Peacock (Blue)
    • Holly Berry (Red)
    • Evergreen (Green)
  • Bernat Pipsqueak in White (2 balls)
  • Knitting Needles in 6.0mm [US 10]


16 sts = 4 ½ ” (11 cm); 24 rows = 4” (10 cm) in Garter st (knit every row) with 6mm [US 10]


K: Knit

P: Purl


With Bernat Pipsqueak, cast on 20 sts. 

Rows 1-4: Knit 

Row 5 – 41: Change to With Love (in various colors) proceed in stockinette stitch, knit right side, purl wrong side.

Row 42 – 49: work numbers per chart below changing to White for the numbers.

Row 50 – 65: With Royal blue only, continue in Stockinette stitch (knit right side, purl wrong side).

Row 66 – 69: Change to Pipsqueak white, knit every row. 

Cast off and weave in loose ends.


Fold pocket in half, with Wrong side facing out and bringing cast-on edge up to meet bind-off edge. Sew side seams and turn pocket Right side out. 

To hang: So many options here!  I traced out an entry-way Christmas Tree that I wanted to use as the outline. I hung each pocket along the line by tying each pocked to the yarn with a simple bow.  You can also turn this into a garland or hang along your mantle!  

Enjoy and Happy Holidays!

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