Have you tried Brioche crochet? I incorporated a touch in this pattern to really make these stars shine. This is my second pattern in my goal to create more Hanukkah patterns this holiday season. Don’t worry, these guys are a lot easier than they look and I’ve included step-by-step photo instructions so you can easily work them up. This pattern was suggested by someone after I posted the Festival of Lights garland pattern, thank you! Please keep your suggestions coming! Comment below to let me know what you think!



4” x 4” (10 cm x 10 cm) 16 sc x 19 rows with 4 mm crochet hook


CH: Chain

Slst: Slip Stitch

HDC: Half double crochet

FPSC: Front post single crochet

FPTC: Front post triple crochet

FPHDC: Front post half double crochet

TC: Triple Crochet


*Make 2 panels:

Round 1: With Yarn A.ch 4, join with a slst to the first ch, loop created. Ch 1, 12 HDC within loop. join with a slst to the first HDC (12)


Rnd 2: Change to Yarn B: ch 2, In next st [*Yarn over, insert hook through st, pull-up yarn, yarn over, pull yarn through 2 loops* repeat 2 more times, 4 loops on hook, yarn over and pull yarn through all loops on hook] repeat within {] over next 11 sts, join with a slst to first st (12)

Rnd 3: Ch 1, *FPSC over 3 dc grouped st from Rnd 2 (pic below), ch2* repeat from * around, join with a slst to the first FPSC (36)


Rnd 4: Change to Yarn A: *FPHDC over the FPSC from Rnd 3, {sc, FPTC to HDC in Rnd 1, sc) all within ch2 sp* Repeat from * around, join with a slst to first st (48)

Rnd 5: Change to Yarn B: *FPHDC over the FPSC from Rnd 3, sc over next 3 st, ch3, sk 1 st, sc over next 3 sts* repeat from * around. Join with a slst to first st (63)

Rnd 6: ch1, *{2 TC, 3 DC, ch 3, 3 DC, 2 TC] all within the ch3 sp, slst on top of the FPSC from Rnd 5* repeat from * around, Join with a slst to first st

Rnd 7: Change to Yarn A: * 5 Sc along the the side of of the 2 TC, 3 DC from prior round, [sc, ch 3, sc] within the ch 3 sp, 5 Sc along the the side of of the 3 DC, 2 TC from prior round (see pic 1 below), [yarn over, begin FPDC on the 2nd FPTC from round 4 immediately below the st you are working in (see pic 2 below), pull loop through, yarn over, pull loop through 2 loops then begin FPDC on the 1st FPTC ( see pic 3 below – you will be crossing the FPDC to join them in an ‘x’ shape – see pic 4 below), yarn over and pull loop through all loops remaining on the hook (see pic 5 below)* repeat from * around to end. Bind off.

Pic 1:

Pic 2:


Pic 3:


Pic 4:


Pic 5:


Attach 2 panels together with right side facing out. Join with a slst at any point and sc though both panels along all the sc in the last round. when you get to the tip of the star, [sc, 3 sc, sc] in 3 ch sp. Bind off.