Crochet Watermelon Bikini

Who Wore it Best? ACK – not sure I want to compete with a Princess!

I fell in love with this look when I saw that picture of Meghan Markle and I set out to make a copycat pattern. I’ll be totally honest, I had a lot of fun making this AND taking the matching selfies! If you have a couple hours and want to make something fun for the summer, try this out. Don’t skimp on the yarn, you really don’t want to have any wardrobe malfunctions here! I used a 100% Cotton yarn and a small crochet hook so the stitches were nice and tight.



ST: Stitch

YO: Yarn over

CH: Chain

SS: Slip Stitch

SC: Single Crochet

DC: Double Crochet

Picot (P) – Chain three and insert hook into first chain, YO and pull through.


Cups: Make 2

With Red and to begin, ch 13

Round 1: SC in the second CH from hook. SC 1 in each Ch to make 12 SC’s total. In the last chain you will want to do another SC, making it have two total SC’s. Ch1 and again do 2 more SC’s in the same CH. Now on the back side of the CH you will do 12 more SC’s until you reach your first starting Chain. 

Round 2: CH 1 and turn. SC in each SC from the previous round until you get to the CH1 space in previous round. In that CH1 space, SC, CH1, SC and then do 1 SC in each of the next SC from previous row.

Round 3-14 (or to size): Continue round 2 until you reach your desired width and height for your cup keeping in mind that for the border you will be adding one more additional row of SC’s around the entire cup.

Bottom of cup: CH1 at the end of your last round and turn so you are working across the bottom of the cup. SC as evenly as possible along the bottom of the cup.


Edging: with red, and starting with the RS bottom right cornet and right cup, sc around the right side, at the top of the cup, ch 50, then sc in each of those newly created ch (front right tie created), and down the left side. Chain 3 and attach the next cup, sc crochet across the right side, at the top ch 50, then sc in each of those newly created ch (front left tie created) and down the left side. Sc across the bottom and around to the tother cup. Bind off.

Back straps and under border: with white, ch 50, starting at the bottom of the RS front right cup, sc across the bottom of both cups, ch 50, bind off

With Green, dc in each of the white sc. bind off.

Add accents: with black and an embroidery needle, add “seeds” where you see fit. Feel free to follow my “seeds here:

The pattern can be dowloaded directly from my:

1. Ravelry store here


2. My Etsy store here

Take pics, post them below, enjoy!