Summer Breeze Tote Bag

This is the perfect Tote (or Beach Bag) to take with you pool side or to hit the beach. The body of the tote is flexible and stretches to accommodate all of your codes while still holding its shape. Try it out and take it with you next time you’re on the go!



k          knit

p          purl

patt(s)  pattern(s)

rep       repeat

rnd(s) round(s)

sl1pw   slip one stitch purlwise

st(s)     stitch(es)

ws        wrong side


To make: Using circular needle, with TWO STRANDS of MC cast on 100sts.

1st round (ws): p.

2nd round: (k 1, sl1pw) to end.

Rep these 2 rnds until work measures 12in ending with 1st round of pattern. Alternating MC and CC colours every 3 inches (should have 4 sections, Blue, White, Blue, White)

Switch to MC for remainder:

P 12 rounds, cast off all sts.

Make Cord:

To begin, cast on 3 stitches onto one of your double-pointed needles. Knit these 3 stitches normally, from the left needle to the right.

Now all 3 stitches are on the right hand needle and the yarn is attached to the left stitch.

Without turning the needle, place the needle in your left hand.  The yarn is coming from the far left stitch. Pulling the yarn so that it is snug, knit the 3 stitches from the left to the right needle. Everything is normal EXCEPT the yarn is coming from the last stitch in the row instead of the first when you begin knitting this row.

When you have knit all 3 stitches onto the right needle, slide the stitches from one end of the double-pointed needle to the other. Repeat these steps, pulling the yarn snug at the beginning of each row to insure even stitches. Continue until the cord measures 60in  Bind off normally.

To make up: Sew cast-on edge for bottom seam, then turn inside out.

Weave cord through twice on each end, and by pushing it in between stitches in 7th and 8th last purl rows, leaving a longer space in the middle for the drawstring. Tie in a knot at the right side to close.

Weave in ends and enjoy!