Here is a fun one to work up. If you’re a speedy crocheter, each skull will take you about 15 mins to work up and if you’re a beginner, we will walk you through the pattern step-by-step, so you’ll get them done in no time! 

These lil cuties SCARIES have so many different applications. The pictures below are creating a Halloween Garland, but single skulls can be used in a variety of ways! Think Halloween Wreath, Gifts, or embellishments to “spook” up any pattern you’re working on! 

Enjoy & happy making!

Pattern Notes:

This pattern starts with the eyes and works up/down from there. You can easily tuck in loose ends as you work it up and that will save you a bunch of time at the end! 


Each skull is approx. 4in wide, 6in tall.


  • Crochet Hook: 5.5mm
  • Tapestry needle
  • RedHeart Super Saver (or any level 4 yarn) in various Halloween colours: I used Carrot, Spring Green & White
  • Twine (if making garland)


12 SC and 14 rows = 4in 


SC: Single crochet

DC: Double crochet

Ch: Chain

Sts: Stitches

Slst: Slip Stitch

Sk: Skip

Sc2tog: Single crochet two stitches together

Pattern & Guide:

Row 1: Ch 14, join with slst in first ch to form a ring, ch 13, join with slst in same center ch to form figure 8.

Row 2: Sc 19 into first ring, slst in center, sc 19 in second ring, slst in center and fasten off.

Row 3: Join in 7th sc st from center, sc 7 on first ring, jump over to second ring and sc 7, total 14 sc, ch 1 turn.

Row 4-7: Decrease both ends of row as follows: sc2tog, sc across, sc2tog, ch 1 turn (6 sts remain at the end of Row 7)

Row 8: Work bottom part of skull: turn it upside down and join yarn in 8th sc in first ring from the center, sc 5, skip 3 sc, ch 3, jump to next ring, skip 3 sc, sc 5, ch 1 turn.

Row 9: Sc2tog, sc in next 4 sc, sc 3 in 3-ch space, sc in next 3 sc, sc2tog, ch 1, turn. (11 sc).

Row 10: Work teeth: ch 4, sk 1 sc, dc in next sc, (ch 1, skip 1 sc, dc in next sc) 4 times, turn.

Row 11:  Ch 4, dc in next dc, (ch 1, dc in next dc) 4 times, turn

Note on row 11: Keep in mind that the last 2 sts of the ch4 from Row 10 counts as the top of a dc + ch 1 sp 

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Row 12-13: Decrease both ends of row as follows: sc2tog, sc across to last 2 sts, sc2tog, ch 1 turn. (7 sts remain at the end of row 13)

Note on row 12: Keep in mind that the last 2 sts of the ch4 from row 11 counts as the top of a dc + ch 1 sp

Row 14: Sc in each sc around, fasten off. Weave in ends! These should flatten easily if you’re using the same yarn but you may need to block (or gently press) depending on the yarn you’ve chosen (ask me if you’re unsure, I can easily look it up!).

Garland Assembly:

Make 6-8 skulls depending on length of garland. With Twine, weave at the top of the skull, leaving around 6 in slack between skulls. 


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