This is the very first beanie that my baby boy received! It is one of those items that I will cherish forever. His Great Aunt gave it to him in two sizes so he can wear them for the next two seasons. This is an easily modifiable pattern that can be adjusted for adult sizing also. We’ll walk you through it all!

Simple Crochet Beanie Pattern

Pattern Notes:

This pattern is written for a newborn but you can easily modify both the length and the width in the following instructions. Be sure to refer to the sizing chart below to adjust to the exact size you are looking to make.

Crochet Baby Beanie


Newborn – 3 Months: 7in high (with brim folded 5.5in), 13 in circumference (as noted above). Be sure to check your gauge, the following adjustments will only work if you are using similar yarn weight.

Add 4 sts for every inch in hight you want to increase.

Add 4 rows for every inch in circumference you want to increase.


  • Any 3 Light yarn. I am using Bernat Softee Baby in Pale Blue and accented in White
  • 4.0mm Crochet hook
  • Tapestry needle


Crochet Gauge: 16 sc and 19 rows with a 4 mm (U.S. G/6) crochet hook


Ch: Chain

St: Stitch

SC: Single Crochet

BLO: Back loop only


If you are working up a ribbed version, change colours every 2 rows.

To start, ch 29

Row 1: Sc in 2nd ch from hook to end, ch 1, turn (28)

Row 2: Sc in BLO to end, ch 1, turn

Repeat Row 2 until you have achieved the correct circumference to match the size you are making. For my newborn sizing, that was approx. 52 rows.

Crochet Baby Beanie

Hudson will grow into it eventually!


Sew the last row of the work to the first, creating a tube. With the tapestry needle, weave along one end of the work, making sure to capture a loop from every row. Pull tight to close on top. This will create a natural pucker and fullness to the beanie. Secure tightly. Attach Pom (see instructions on how to make these below!)

Optional: for additional contrast, sc with contrast colour along the bottom brim of the beanie (as pictured in the full blue beanie).


Want to learn how to make a pom? Check it out here!

Crochet Baby Beanie

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