My first project for my son (!!) is finally ready! The giraffe plushy has so many textural components I thought he might enjoy holding in his hands over wearing it on his head as a hat so voila! These little project cost me $5 and one-hour! The best part is that I did a quick search on Amazon and they have LOADS to pick from. Try it out!

Pattern Notes:

This is just a simple Granny Square! You will need to use the entire ball of yarn so be mindful of your last round as you may run out! I won the game of yarn chicken and was left with about 14in of spare yarn at the end.


Approx. 10x10in

Here is what you need!


  • One Ball of DMC Toppers:
  • 5.5mm Crochet Hook
  • Scissors & tapestry needle (to weave in ends)


CH: Chain

SC: Single Crochet

DC: Double Crochet

SLST: Slip Stitch

RND: Round

SP: Space


RND 1: Chain 4, join with a slst to first ch to create a loop. Ch 4, *3 DC, ch 2*  repeat within ** 3 times in the loop. 2 DC, join with a slst into the third st in the Ch 4 at the beginning of the round.

RND 2: To start, sl st into the ch-1 space/corner. Ch 4, 2 DC in the same ch-1 space. DC in each DC from the previous round, and at the ch-2 spaces at the corners *2 DC, ch 2, 2 DC*. On the last side, DC on the slst that started the round, join with a slst into the third st in the Ch 4 at the beginning of the round. 

Repeat round 2 to add more rounds to your solid granny square. You will need to use the entire ball so make sure you leave enough yarn for the border!

Border: Ch 1, *sc in next 2 sts, (sc, ch3, sc) all within next st creating a mini picot* repeat within ** to corners. Within the ch-2 spaces at the corners: 2 sc, ch3, 2 sc. Repeat from start all the way back to the corner you started with. Bind off and weave in ends.


The topper comes with a foam backer to keep the topper stable. You should find it stuck to the inside wrapper.

The topper itself has two ribbons to attach it to the centre of the lovey. Since there are color variations in this yarn, select the side or corner you want the topper to face. Weave the ribbons through the centre of the lovey and through the foam backer on the other side. Tie off with a double knot to make sure it is secure. Baby will try to pull this apart and it may be dangerous so be sure to make sure it is tightly secured and snip off any excess ribbon.


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