Happy Halloween!

Welcome to the individual patterns for each of the Lil Monsters! This pattern covers the second pattern in the series – the Lil Witch! Enjoy!

Lil Monsters Witch

Here is the entire Lil Monster Pumpkin Patch!

Lil Monsters Pumpkin Patch

Pattern Notes:

This pattern is written for BOTH knit and crochet! Photos were taken for one or the other but the modifications for each will be included in each costume pattern. 

First, let’s gather all the materials you’re going to need!

If you’re in the US, head to Joann! You’ll find everything you need there.

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  • Crochet Hook: 6.0mm
  • Knitting Needles: 6.00mm
  • Tapestry needle
  • Polyfill stuffing
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  • Floral Wire
  • Googly Eyes (7 sets) – AKA Wobbly Eyes in 25mm
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Crochet: 12SC and 14 rows = 4in 

Knit: 17sts and 23 rows = 4in



SC: Single crochet

DC: Double crochet

Ch: Chain

Sts : Stitches

Slst : Slip Stitch

Rnd: Round


K: knit

K2tog : knit 2 together



Now let’s move on to making the universal pumpkin base!

This is a High-Level Summary but you can find the entire pattern and step-by-step instructions here!

How-To: Assemble the Pumpkin Base
Lil Monster Witch


This pattern covers the Witch costume and is written in CROCHET and KNIT


Yarn: Amethyst

Pumpkin base modification: Pumpkin stump not necessary. 




With Black: Ch 4, join with a slst to the first ch to create a loop

Rnd 1: 4 SC in loop (4 sts)

Rnd 2: 2 SC in each st around (8sts)

Rnd 3: SC in all around (8sts)

Rnd 4: *SC, 2 SC in next st* around (12sts)

Rnd 5: SC in all around (12sts)

Rnd 6: *2 SC, 2 SC in next st * around (16sts)

Rnd 7: SC in all around (16sts)

Rnd 8: *3 SC, 2 SC in next st * around (20sts)

Rnd 9: SC in all around (20sts)

Rnd 10: *4 SC, 2 SC in next st * around (24sts)

Rnd 11: SC in all around (24sts)

Change to Amethyst 

Rnd 12: *5 SC, 2 SC in next st * around (28sts)

Rnd 13: SC in all around (28sts)

Change back to Black

Rnd 14: 2 SC in each st around (56sts)

Rnd 15-19: SC in all around (56sts)

Bind off and weave in ends. 


With Black, cast on 30 sts

Row 1: knit

Row 2: *K1, k2tog* repeat to end (20sts)

Row 3: Purl

Row 4: k2tog to end (10sts)

Change to Amethyst

Row 5-7: Knit

Change back to black

Row 8-11: knit

Row 12: k 1, k2tog, k4, k2tog, k1 (8 sts)

Row 13-15: knit

Row 16: K1, k2tog,  k2, k2tog, k1 (6sts)

Row 17-18: knit

Row 19: k1, k2tog, k2tog, k1 (4sts)

Row 20: k

Row 21: k2tog, k2tog 

Bind off and fold the triangle in half, sew along edges to shape the hat. 


Attach the googly eyes with the glue gun first.

Attach hat, offset to either side you choose. 

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